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Pets and Feng Shui

Feng Shui: the art of energy in our environment, our houses, cars, our lives. Pets are wonderful energy activators. They instantly change the mood of the house. They love us, they balance us, they listen to us; and most of all, they remind us to be in the present.

We love them back.  Immensely.  The problem happens when our fur-babies and their habits, beds, or behaviors start to get out of balance with the fact that, while they’re loved, they are our pets. We run our homes, not them.

Here are some helpful feng shui pet tips, to help us maintain the balance in your home and keep everyone in it happy and healthy:

  • Keep messes to a minimum. Anyone who has had a pet knows that there can be accidents, paw prints, and knocked over items (Nala, I’m talking about you); while these things are frustrating and inconvenient, just clean promptly. This is best for the health and well-being for you and your pets.


  • Keep their water fresh and full. Water is essential for life. Period.


  • Create boundaries for your pets. Identifying their own space for sleeping, playing, and chilling, gives them the needed space for both the pet and human relationships to flourish.


  • Sleeping areas. A quality, comfy bed is essential for everyone’s well-being. Pets deserve a good night’s sleep, without being kicked by their person.


  • Take care of them. Feed them, wash them, and take them to the vet. A healthy pet = a healthy home.


  • Love them. A pet loves you unconditionally. You are their world. Show them some in return. According to LIVESCIENCE, dog owners are more likely to be active, to handle stress better, and recover from illness faster. They deserve some thanks for that.


  • Identify problem behaviors early. If it bothers you now, fix it now. Don’t let the problem get worse. When that happens, pets become a nuisance, require serious intervention, or are given up. Don’t give up on them. Fix it now!


  • Remove clutter from their areas. It is a common theme in feng shui, clutter is bad. Pets don’t like it either. Things have a place, for a reason. (Maybe that is why shoes left out get chewed on, hmm?)


  • Keep potty areas tidy. Whether it is their crate, puppy pad, or outside, they deserve a clean area. (You don’t like disgusting, overflowing toilets, do you?)

In conclusion, living with pets makes our lives infinitely better and more joyful.  Keep the house in balance with good boundaries for the pets and the people and your lives will benefit from it.

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