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Feng Shui Directions

Feng Shui has evolved and developed since it started centuries ago. It has been used throughout history in China and even today, its principles are applied in many places in the world.

One thing is clear though, when you apply Feng Shui principles and practices, things change.  Many of these principles can be scientifically proven.  Feng Shui is continuing to gain popularity, in many areas of the world.

When Feng Shui was first brought to the west for everyday use, it was dismissed as a collection of mumbo jumbo and superstition, a kind of religion with no solid foundation or basis. Whether it really has solid foundations or not, remains to be a personal perspective. One thing is sure, it is hard to argue with the success that applied Feng Shui can provide.

To find your place on this earth, and how you relate to the forces and motivations that guide and inspire you, you will have to know the following:

From your standpoint, determine the four cardinal directions of the compass and the four intermediate directions. These will comprise your eight directions.

Cardinal Directions:


The North directly relates to personal growth, new ideas, innovations,  and career.

Water elements such as ponds, fountains are great items to enhance your opportunities. If possible, avoid placing materials that represent the earth, such as clay or ceramics.


Encourages healing, rejuvenation, and growth. The East also relates to family. In order to best enhance the East, this a good area to place  exercise equipment, medicinal plants and herbs, or family gathering area.

Wood elements are great enhancements such as green, columns, or plants to place here. It is best to avoid materials that are made from metal.


This direction represents recognition, achievement, and reputation. This is the best area to tap your potential.

Fire elements to invigorate your potential would be great to activate in this sector.  Items such as triangle shapes, fire colors, and fire pits are all good to use in this direction. It is not a good direction for water elements, such as a fountain or pond.


The West is the direction of children and creativity.  Who couldn’t use a bit of creativity for better productivity and fun in your life?  Metal  elements are great enhancers, such as circular objects or arches.  It is not a good direction for fire or representations of fire.

Intermediate Directions:


The Northeast is for intellectual growth and knowledge, also enhancing spirituality, inner growth, and meditation.

This direction is a good place to put earth materials, rock gardens, or statues. This direction is not a good sector for plants, trees, or wood-type elements.


The Southeast is the direction of wealth, and prosperity. It is another sector that likes wood elements, such as column or posts.  To enhance, adding water elements will be helpful.  The Southeast does not like metal elements, such as golds or silvers, or circles.


The Northwest is the area of networking, travel, and helpful people.  It also is representative of the male/father of the house. Metal is the best element for this direction.  This is not a direction for any fire elements or color.


The Southwest is the direction of love and relationships.  Also, the female/woman of the house. (This area is super important, even if you are single!)

Use earth elements in this direction. This is also a good place to dine, sit and talk with your partner, plan efforts that require a team, etc. Avoid,  if possible, materials that are made of wood.

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