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Why You Need Feng Shui


Why you NEED Feng Shui? Exactly. Why do you need some system from China, that originated over 5000 years ago? You have been living just fine without it, thank you very much, right?

Right? Let’s be honest right now, if we weren’t looking for something, we probably wouldn’t be here. Feng shui is not voodoo. It is not magic. But it can do so much, that it seems magical. The concepts are not so foreign or scary, as a matter of fact, you may be familiar with many of them, just not under that mystical name, “Feng Shui.” I submit to you, that you do need feng shui. I need feng shui. I just didn’t know that’s what it was called. And learning about it has changed my life.

Feng shui is about balance in our environments.

Think for a moment of the messiest room or house you have ever seen.  No, you don’t have to tell us if it was yours…

Think about the energy that it had? When I think of a messy room, it feels full. Like there is no room for the people, no room for growth. No room for life. Just stuff. Old stuff. Stuff that is not needed. Stuff that is keeping the person and situation stuck. Like a time capsule. Let’s be honest, sometimes a very unhygienic and scary time capsule.

Feng shui wants you deal with the clutter.

Yes, that means confronting the past, and cleaning, and all of that…but it makes room for the people, for life, for growth. Feng shui doesn’t mean that you don’t have stuff. That would detract from the balance part of the equation.

Now, think for a moment of an all red room. Red carpet, red walls, red furniture… How does that make you feel? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Angry? Too much? Thinking of balance again, that is too much fire. Too much fire can overwhelm us, cause relationships issues (we got overstimulated by the red and snapped at our partner just because, for example.) When the five elements are in balance, we bring our lives into balance. You see, these concepts are not foreign, as the above exercises just showed. We know this, innately. We just may not be able to verbalized or describe why.

For your next exercise, think of an old house, falling apart, shingles falling, paint peeling. What feelings does that evoke? Depression, tiredness, apathy? Energy likes to be renewed. When we don’t take care of our environment, it begins to not take care of use. It becomes a drain on our finances, like a money trap, causing relationship and health issues.

Our environment directly impacts our lives. The noise, smells, living conditions, everything affects our life and life quality. This is why you need Feng shui. You deserve to live a life free from environmental distractions.

Feng shui can give you guidance and tools to make your life better.

It can improve your living conditions and health. It can make your love life and relationships better. It can increase your money and wealth. It just makes everything better.

And as shown through the examples above, feng shui deals with things that we already grasp or feel. Feng shui can be used to better our houses, yards, cars, closets, purses and wallets, finances, even ourselves. (Think about it, balance work and rest, sitting and standing, diet and exercise, and the list goes on.) Start small, look around you now, and see what can change for the better. As we work together, we will learn more about those concepts, clutter, color, and renewal.
But for now, balance your environment, take charge of your home, and take command of your life.

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