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Schedule an appointment for me to visit your home or office location when it is convenient. I will do a complete and thorough evaluation of your home or your office and provide an extensive report within a week.


Want a phone consultation?  Prior to the call, you will send a floor plan, pictures, and a few details.  I will review the information about your location and we will discuss your space and how to make it best for you.


Before you purchase a new home, let me evaluate it for you. Taking into consideration your family, the location, and the placement to determine if it is the best selection for you and your family.


Pets and Feng Shui

By Jaimie Inman | March 26, 2017

Feng Shui: the art of energy in our environment, our houses, cars, our lives. Pets are wonderful energy activators. They instantly change the mood of the house. They love us, they balance us, they listen to us; and most of all, they remind us to be in the present. We love them back.  Immensely.  The…

How Clutter Keeps You Stuck

By Jaimie Inman | March 26, 2017

Clutter Keeps You Stuck. Clutter. The dreaded “c” word. It runs amuck on feng shui pages, in self-help books, and organizing websites. How can something so seemingly easy to deal with have such powerful implications? Simple. It takes over your life. And from there, you can’t move on. You are stuck. With the old clutter,…

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