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Business Consultations

When should I have a business/office feng shui consultation?

• If you want to improve your business, sales, or profits.
• When you have had a major setback or sudden loss.
• When there are problems with employee productivity or relationships with customers.
• Anytime you are considering moving to a new office or making renovations to your current office.
• Does your office/business has some kind of problem in the landscape (drainage lines, tall buildings, other negative environments/aspects) or problem with the type of building?
• Or even if there is a problem with corporate leadership (instability, illness, turnover, etc.).
• When you want to create a positive, harmonious — and effective — environment.

A business feng shui consultation includes:

• Complete analysis of the pros and cons of the space, including information about how problems in your space are blocking the business’ growth, such as the wealth areas, career, and relationships, and how you can correct them.
• Clear directions on how to correct difficulties and how to capitalize on the good areas. Your space will be annotated with the bagua, plainly marked sectors, and with suggestions noted on the diagram.
• Information on owner’s/management feng shui, including which directions directly impact the health, wealth, and personal growth
• Detailed instructions that provide you with suggestions for furniture arrangement, color selection, and decorative elements that reflect your design tastes.
• Specific enhancements that boost the energy in the sectors for the business.

Feng Shui Consultation

Price is dependent on size of business.  Please contact Jaimie for a custom consultation.

Many of Jaimie’s business clients are located of town or out of the state. She will travel to your location to consult with you. Please note, this requires a per-day fee applied, a non-refundable deposit, as well as travel costs such as airfare, rental car, and hotel room. Expenses are the responsibility of the client and must be paid in advance of the appointment. Travel arrangements are Jaimie’s responsibility.

Please provide the following information in advance of your desired consultation date (at least 3 days):
• Provide a detailed floor plan, prior to your appointment. The floor plan must be drawn to scale. Supply the diagram on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper.
• Give the birth dates for the principals of the business and any important members of management.
• Include the year of construction as well as the dates of any renovations such as new carpet, new shingles, the removal of a wall, extensive re-painting, or new windows.
• Ensure that you have included the compass degree reading of your front door. It must be an accurate reading, as close to the degree as you can provide (such as south, 181 degrees). It’s in your best interest to get exact readings because this will afford you precise and specific information in your consultation.

Email all of your information to:

Pay for your consultation. Important: this confirms your appointment. Your appointment will be scheduled once payment is received.

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